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February 14, 2012

What is the 8th Race?

Recent posts on the official Mantic Games blog have been featuring a new board game called Project Pandora: Grim Cargo.  The game is designed by Jake Thornton.  My understanding is that it is going to be similar to Jake Thornton’s Dwarf King’s Hold games but set instead in the science fiction world of Warpath.  One player in Project Pandora will control a team of corporation marines armed with their laser rifles.  The second player will control the mysterious 8th Race.  What is the 8th Race?  Mantic is not saying.  The official Mantic Blog is deliberately arousing curiosity by making continuous vague references to this 8th Race.  Fans speculate wildly about what these new models will look like.   I read one comment promising that the 8th Race would be a group of fishmen.  That  is definitely a minority opinion but it is highly entertaining.  Most people are speculating that the 8th Race will be some kind of “space bug” predatory alien creatures.  I thought of the Zerg race from Blizzard Entertainment’s series of games, “Starcraft.”  This is what the zerg look like:

That creature is called a hydralisk.  Similar creatures are found in the famous Aliens series of science fiction horror movies starring Sigourney Weaver.  Take a look at this creature from the Aliens movies.

My own opinion is that the 8th Race will likely resemble these creatures.  You may be surprised to discover that images of 8th Race creatures have already been release by Mantic to the public.  They posted this image promoting the Project Pandora game:

A close look at this image reveals a few glimpses of the 8th Race.  Take a look at this close up of the top left part of the image:

Those are 8th Race claws bursting into view!  Here is another close up of the right side of the image:

That is an 8th Race muzzle with big teeth!  I just noticed this stuff tonight.  Feel free to post your own speculations about the 8th Race.  According to the official Mantic blog we will find out what the 8th Race is on February 17th.  I don’t know about you but I am feeling the suspense.