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January 29, 2012

Choosing a Color Scheme

I am trying to choose a color scheme for my Undead army of miniature models. I have about 250 models of skeletons, zombies, ghouls and the like from Mantic Games. I have decided to use the Army Painter method. The Army Painter method is to use a colored spray primer, paint a base coat of basic colors, dip the model in Quickshade and then spray on an anti-shine matt varnish. Quickshade is a pigmented varnish created for use on miniature models. I have some skeleton bone primer and some dark tone Quickshade to get started. I will probably be getting some other colors of primer for the zombies and ghouls but for now I am set to do skeletons. I have been looking at other people’s pics of their armies for inspiration. I thought I might use purple for the clothing and armor. That thought was inspired by the character Skeletor from an old 80’s cartoon show called “He-Man.” I’m sure many of you know that show.

I thought I might use light blue and purple together to mimic this character. Other people have suggested the blue is too bright for an evil themed army. Possibly purple and black could be an alternative.

These are some pics I found with Google. I have been searching for the best pictures of other people’s skeleton models. I have heard positive things about the black and red combination. Those were the best of what I could find looking for skeleton model pics through Google.

Searching for other sources of inspiration, I tried to think of every character that I remembered from any work of fiction who resembled a skeleton. So I made this collection of skeletal characters gathered from movies, television and comic books.

This is a somewhat obscure comic book character from Marvel. He is Skull the Slayer. I like glowing green bones, don’t you?

This character is probably recognized instantly, the killer from the Scream moves. Black and white provide striking contrast.

This is Red Skull, a villain from the Captain America comics by Marvel. Red and black work well.

This character is one of Red Skull’s henchmen. His name is Crossbones. He has a similar look with black and white colors mostly.

This is Prime Evil, a villain from an old 1980’s cartoon show called “Ghostbusters.” I don’t think I really like the red and orange.

This is Ghost Rider from Marvel Comics. Flaming skulls are always eye catching. It’s another black and red combo with some orange.

Here is another flaming skull. This comic book character is aptly named, “Blazing Skull.” I believe he is also from Marvel.

So there is my collection of images that I have gathered in hopes of finding inspiration for choosing a color scheme. I have been using purple and green colors so far in the models that I have already painted. I can’t seem to settle on a single color scheme and I may end up using multiple color schemes for different units in my army. Other painters have encouraged me to paint test models of whatever colors appeal to me. They say the way to choose a color scheme is to paint it. It is by painting that you realize what colors are best. Thus I am off to paint. Best wishes to all.

December 17, 2011

Wine and Miniatures

I just finished another Evil Sunz Ork Deffkopta. I am excited because only two models from my Assault on Black Reach set remain unpainted. It will be a mile stone to complete the whole boxed set. I believe that I have more or less decided not to play armies of either Evil Sunz Orks or Ultramarines. I am painting models that I will most likely never use in a game. Well, I did play one 500 point game with the Ultramarines. I just bought the Assault on Black Reach box because I wanted to start painting and I wasn’t sure what to buy. As the months have past I have painted almost all the stuff from that box but I have lost interest in Orks and Ultramarines. Currently I am fascinated by Mantic Games. I have purchased 251 Undead models from the Mantic range. I will get into those once I finish the Orks. I really like the Mantic stuff because it is a great value for the money. The models look good to me although I must admit that I am no artist. I have no idea what makes one sculpt better than another. I just know I like the Mantic models. They say that they are faster to paint because the models have less detail than Games Workshop. That appeals to me. Although some people don’t like that. I am always excited by the prospect of finishing another model. It is the completed model that thrills me. I know that my models aren’t very good. I am not really competitive about the painting or the gaming. I just paint the models because I enjoy doing it. I am not really ever going to be a great artist. I am just satisfied if the model looks better with paint than it did with out paint. I have talked to some of the serious painters at my local game store and they can get offended by my attitude. I don’t know why. Some people are very serious about this hobby almost to the point of being grim.

Miniature painting reminds me of experiences I had with people when I attempted to learn something about wine. I really like wine. I really enjoy drinking wine. Here is the deal though. There are people interested in wine who think of drinking wine as some sort of competition. Some people can drink some wine and then tell you what kind it is and possibly even what year it was created. That is pretty impressive if you have ever seen some one do this. So when I was into wine I would read stuff online about different types of wine: Zinfandel, Chardonay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. I never quite made it as a wine connoisseur. I would go into restaurants and order a specific wine and the waiter would get mad. I would pick wines that were inappropriately matched to the meal. I still don’t understand why the waiter would react with anger when my order revealed I didn’t know wine. The cool thing about wine as far as I am concerned is that it is a great way to put alcohol in your blood stream and it even tastes good. However I have never been capable of appreciating the subtle differences in types and qualities of wine.

I guess that I am the same way with miniature models. I really like the models and the painting the same way that I like wine. Here I am painting models and it becomes obvious to the serious painters that I am not perceiving subtle variations in color. I don’t have the patience for the advanced painting techniques. My painting reminds me of coloring books I used in the first grade. That is pretty much what I have been doing. I just put solid blocks of color in a defined area. Highlights confuse me because I can never decide where one color should end and another color begin. So here I am failing to appreciate miniature painting the same way that I failed to appreciate wine. But I still drink wine and I still paint models. I am just not very good but still I deeply enjoy these activities I assure you.

They will actually sell miniature models to any random person willing to pony up the cash. They never asked me to prove my abilities as an artist when I went to the game shop to buy models. Now that I have the models I am not really feeling a great desire to prove myself to anyone. I don’t really get the whole competitive side to this hobby. I don’t think that I will ever play in a tournament or enter a painting contest. I hear terrible stories about bitter arguments that arise during tournament play. I am not eager to experience that. I just plan to play with friends. Painting contests are cool. I like to look at other people’s entries. I don’t think I will ever enter a model of my own though. I can assure you that a lack of artist ability does not reduce my ability to enjoy painting. Take care.