About Redfox4242

I have just recently discovered the hobby of painting miniature models for war gaming.  I have started with Assault on Black Reach from Games Workshop.  As I continue to read about the hobby on the Internet I have developed a passionate interest in the products of Mantic Games.  I plan to finish painting and assembly of the Assault on Black Reach models and then move on to a steady diet of Mantic miniatures.  I have virtually no experience gaming.  I played one 500 point game and I got crushed.  I don’t like to play games with unpainted models.  I don’t know why but I cannot tolerate gray plastic.  I refuse to play with incomplete models and I keep changing my mind about which army to collect.  Besides that I keep switching games and then even switching companies.  I started with Warhammer 40k.  Then I went to Warhammer.  Most recently I have purchased Mantic models for their Kings of War game.  All these factors have combined to keep me from playing any actual games although I have been assembling and painting models for almost four months now.


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  1. Great! I’m interested to see your opinion on things since you are “new” to the hobby. I don’t see any recent posts, though. How is the hobby scene for you now? Are you still a Mantic fanboy?

    • I must apologize because you have found a blog that I have abandoned. This WordPress blog is not one I post to any longer. I have a blog on the Mantic Games company forums that I have been using recently: Redfox4242 Mantic Games Blog. To answer your question, I am still quite enthusiastic about Mantic. I have recently been playing Warhammer 40k using a combined army of both Games Workshop and Mantic miniatures. I am playing 40k because it is easy to find players at my local club. In my area I haven’t been successful in finding other gamers with an interest in Mantic. Most people haven’t heard of it. 40k is everywhere however. I hope that at some point I can convince some of my 40k buddies to try some of the Mantic games. 40k is a good game with beautiful miniatures. It is unfortunately quite expensive. My favorite game at this time is Deadzone which is Mantic small scale skirmish game in their Science Fiction Warpath universe. It is often compared to Necromunda by Games Workshop.

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